Trauma Sensitve Yoga

Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) is offered to all students once a week as a part of their treatment process at NVW. TCTSY helps students to learn and practice needed self awareness and self regulation skills using a research based yoga practice.

Through safe and professional guidance, students are invited to explore their relationship with their body by using present moment awareness to notice and feel different muscular dynamics and breath movement. Students will have the opportunity to create rhythms, sense spatial orientation, and create empowerment through practicing making choices about what feels right in their body. TCTSY helps to strengthen the students relationship with themselves through their own inner experience and helps to strengthen the students connection with others.

Our TCTSY facilitators are certified yoga instructors that have specific TCTSY training through the Trauma Center in Brookline, MA.

Keri Sawyer, Somatic Intervention director and TCTSY Facilitator North Woods (WI) Keri is certified Yoga Instructor in Alignment Yoga and is currently becoming certified at the 500 hour level as a yoga therapist. She has completed the 40 hour TCTSY training and went on to become certified in TCTSY. She is also receiving supervision through the Trauma Center for her work in TCTSY. Keri has facilitated TCTSY and other somatic intervention at NVW for 2 years.


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