Therapeutic Model

New Vision Wilderness’ strengths reside in the intensity of clinical interventions and a true Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) model. NVW tailors the entire intervention process with the understanding that the field environment is a stressed environment. A focused, advanced neural science-based protocol allows for an effective and safe intervention for adolescents and young adults.

At New Vision Wilderness we offer 2 hours of individual therapy per week as well as 1 hour of group therapy each week. In addition to the individual and group therapy sessions, our clinicians are trained in modern, cutting-edge, and evidence-based interventions. Credentials of our clinical staff are updated frequently on our staff page, click here to visit the clinical staff pages.

We have clinicians in the field throughout the week, which broadens the intervening opportunity.

1. Stress Regulation and Over Stimulation Monitoring

  • Pre-/Post- Program Stressing Testing
  • Individualized Stress Reduction Plans
    • Guided Visualization – a program of directed thoughts and suggestions that guide your imagination toward a relaxed, focused state.
    • Somatic Stressor Intervention
  • Customized and adjusted field operations

2. Neural and Somatic Stabilization

  • Strategic Exercise Regimen Model
  • Certified Yoga Body Awareness Programming
  • HeartMath Quick Coherence Implementation/HeartMath® Somatic Stress Testing –

3. Cutting Edge Therapy

  • Dyadic developmental therapy
  • Emotional focused therapy
  • Brainspotting

4. Institute of HeartMath Stress Reduction Protocols

  • Implementation of Institute of HeartMath Interventions Program
  • Training in Quick Coherence, Freeze Frame, and Heart Lock-in Techniques

5. Mastery Program for Attachment Formulation

  • No Level systems
  • Collaborative Skills Building Model
  • Focuses on Mastery, Accomplishment and Recognition
  • Rites of Passage Experience