Recent Program Surveys Show 9.5/10 Students and Families Would Recommend New Vision Wilderness

  • ”It gives you a chance to get away to address your true core self. I am truely grateful for everyone here and their support. Thanks for everything!” -female age 16
  • “Yes, I think the ‘match’ or ‘fit’ is most important. The right place for trauma. She was ready to change.” -father
  • “The growth our son has made these past weeks was incredible. Money well spent! ” -parents
  • “The individual experience you get here would help almost anyone.” -female age 16
  • “I did lots of therapy and work on my individual self. I learned boundaries and getting along with others.” -mother
  • “Unbelieveable transformation. A great way to disconnect a child from the outside world to make a look inward. Family therapy components helped with all participating family members.” -family

NVW Success Stories – A Parent’s Note to Adam & Amanda

Adam Eader and Amanda Mosse,

I want to send this note to thank you so much for the experiences that our daughter had at New Visions. It was obvious to me that this was a well-oiled operation and very professionally run from a parents perspective. I had been wrestling for years regarding having her attend, and I only wish I would have enrolled her a couple of years back. If I had, perhaps she would not have run into many of the problems she came there with, and I would have been more prepared to help her with her issues. I know it was hard for her, but yet she has never spoke negatively about her experiences. Amanda, you did a wonderful job of keeping me informed of her progress, and I really appreciate the fact that she felt comfortable working with you and opening up with her emotions in such a short period of time. Feel free to use me as a reference for future students.

Thank you so much for everything!”

The Irreplaceable Value of Time in the Field with New Vision Wilderness

This article was written by an Educational Consultant

“New Vision Wilderness has created an environment that works well with students struggling more inwardly, especially in relation to significant trauma or attachment issues. The pace of the day, experiential activities, and emotional safety present in the group is conducive to working through these struggles.”

NVW Success Stories – A Parent’s Story to Steve

The parent of a client who graduated from New Vision Wilderness recently wrote a letter to Steve Sawyer, LCSW CSAC directly to thank him for everything he has done.

What New Vision and you, specifically, did for H. was amazing. Not only did you arrest his bad behaviors but you opened his mind and heart to a whole new future. Cherokee Creek made a point of telling us that none of their students had ever come out of the wilderness in such a strong and stable condition as our son did.”

“My time in the field with New Vision Wilderness was informative, comfortable, and enlightening. The students were engaged in the process and it was apparent from staff-student interactions that the level of emotional safety and openness was conducive to healing. I truly enjoyed my time with the young adults and feel confident in the clinical work being done in the field.” – Educational Consultant