New Vision Wilderness Academy strives to support the academic process of our students by providing experiential learning that facilitates the continuation of their education. As part of our therapeutic process, we offer a path for academic growth based on the individual needs of each student.

Academic Programming 

Our students are enrolled into the Academy because we understand the importance of academic success in their lives. The primary goal of New Vision Wilderness is to deeply impact the lives of our students by therapeutic means. Inherent in the nature of our program is educational growth; therefore we want to provide the opportunity for students to receive credits for their academic progress. Since we are continuously striving for the best academic care for our students, New Vision Wilderness Academy is proud to be accredited through Cognia (formerly AdvancED). The NVW Academy supports an alternative education that is based in experiential education and is aligned with the Common Core State Standards. The core curriculum offered through our Academy is inquiry based, progressive in nature, and student directed. Courses available are English, Health, Physical Education, and Environmental Science. Credit amounts are issued based on the Carnegie System and will be dependent on individual student effort in each subject. Academic descriptions can be found below and transcripts are sent after the completion of the program.

Academic Plan

The curriculum at New Vision Wilderness is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Credits possible: 0.50

This course combines literary comprehension, a three-part series of Mastery projects and presentations, and interpersonal communication skill development.

Physical Education
Credits possible: 0.50

This course combines progressive physical activity with a component of healthy living. Our students pursue physical activity and healthy living on a daily basis through hiking, group initiatives, and positive stress management strategies.

Credits possible: 0.50

This course focuses on developing personal and social responsibility. Through the therapeutic process, healing occurs on a continued basis through transferable attachment work with safe adult authority figures and canines. This process correlates with the four domains of psychology, which are
physiological, cognitive, behavioral, and affective responses to various situations.

Environmental Science
Credits possible: 0.25-0.50

This course combines practical, experiential based learning with regular individual assignments and group activities to create responsible stewards of the environment.