Ryan Truethardt

Ryan Treuthardt, B.S.

Field Instructor

Ryan is a born and raised Wisconsinite with a myriad of interests who loves engaging the kids in their own hobbies and learning alongside them. Before joining New Vision, Ryan fueled a strong interest in game development. Whether it was hosting ‘Humans vs Zombies’ tag in the park or composing music with friends for indie projects, Ryan enjoys finding ways to spur fun and exploration in the kids and people he is with. Ryan believes that play is not only fun but is essential for expression and growth. Strongly curious about the way we interact with each other and ourselves, Ryan shifted his career path from Information Technology to earning a degree in Psychology at University. It was there that his desire for people and the outdoors crossed paths, facilitating a diverse student population as a trip leader in the University Recreation Department on just about any outdoor recreation you can think of. Outside of work, Ryan continues to find connections to his passions and outdoors such as practicing orienteering, 3D Printing useful (and useless) gadgets, running, biking, air-softing, and making delicious food and drinks with friends and family. 

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