Jacob Thomason, MA, LPC

Family Therapist

Jacob Thomason, MA, LPC is the Family Therapist at New Vision Wilderness Therapy in Medford, WI.  He has held multiple roles during his tenure at NVW including Clinical Director, Lead Therapist, and Family Services Director. Jacob is passionate about clinical work and is currently dedicated to providing direct care to our students’ parents/caregivers.     

 Jacob graduated from College in 2010 with a master’s in clinical psychology.  He has a special interest in work with trauma, adoptions and relinquishment, substance abuse, and complex family systems. He is certified in Brainspotting and trained in HeartMath and Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga.  

 In his spare time, Jacob loves being outdoors with his wife and two daughters.  His favorite activity is fishing and he is happy to partake in this pastime with companions or on his own.  Jacob values connected relationships and is an active member of his community.  Jacob and his family spend significant time visiting extended family and friends.

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