Cal Wacker

Charles “Cal” Wacker

Field Instructor

Cal is a veteran wilderness field instructor who joined the New Vision team in January of 2023. Inspired by positive feedback from colleagues in the industry, Cal made a last minute detour through Medford, WI during a cross country road trip, walked into the office, got a one-on-one meeting with the program director, and applied for a field staff position.

Cal began his wilderness therapy career in 2011 and has worked with some of the top programs in the country, including 4 different programs prior to New Vision. After taking a brief break to attend divinity school, he returned to his passion of nature and now focuses on helping struggling youth. Originally a professional archaeologist, Cal discovered that wilderness was a natural outgrowth of that background and he now gets to practice “living history” with students and provide context as to why their experiences in nature are so impactful. He is a certified Wilderness First Responder and brings job and experience to the field.

“Go back far enough and your human ancestors had to live like this. They had to be GOOD at this. That’s the latent potential you are just as capable as living up to, when we strip away the distractions. You’re far more competent and awesome then you believe yourself to be.”

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