Art in the wilderness provides a non-verbal outlet of expression that aids in non-threatening communication and can provide a tangible product for exploration.

Art created in the wilderness setting can be a different kind of forum for communication and a platform for interaction with the natural surroundings. Various projects can provide an increased exploration of core issues and aid in breaking down barriers to change. Art can increase communication, self-discovery and personal growth.

Art projects may be created individually and in groups, such as: collages, photography, drawing,
mask-making, poetry, sculpture, bead-making, body tracing, journal-making and nature sculptures.

Gardening at New Vision Wilderness TherapyGardening

Gardening brings the joy of eating healthy vegetables straight out of the ground into the wilderness experience. The garden provides NVW participants with needed nutrition, knowledge on how to tend to the earth, and the opportunity to work on something that provides delayed and sometimes instant gratification. The spirit of giving and the metaphorical messages of internal versus external motivations are understood through our therapeutic gardening.

NVW strategically uses the gardening experience in conjunction with treatment plans and therapeutic goals of the individual participants. The garden can assist in therapeutic breakthroughs and is often a highlight of an individuals journey. Clients have the opportunity to grow their own food, gain satisfaction from providing for their group, and plant for future participants to come. The garden is a powerful tool that aids in the nutritional health of our clients; furthermore, it can be a component of the individual healing quest our participants are on.

The garden is a safe place to do family therapy or guided visualizations with one of our lead therapists. When gardening is combined with wilderness therapy, the client responds to the therapy based on a holistic approach that links the mind, body, and earth together to foster positive change and healing.

Trauma Informed Yoga is an amazing and eye opening therapy at New Vision Wilderness TherapyBody/Somatic Awareness

New Vision Wilderness emphasizes individual healing through the mind, body, and spirit connection. NVW Body and Somatic Awareness programming, developed by a certified instructor, ties in breathing techniques and other mind/body therapies that NVW supports. NVW utilizes mind and body work to heal trauma victims, create additional coping techniques, and further connect the physical self with core emotional release. Body and Somatic Awareness or Yoga programs are available to NVW clients for individual study and mastery. Stretching and guided visualizations are incorporated into the group milieu and structured by our field instructors or therapists. The collaborative approach to healing allows participants to thrive and explore growth while addressing multiple intelligences including physical awareness.

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