Charlie Bessette Scholarship Fund

Charlie Bessette 1987-2012 On July 28, 2012, Fred and Judi Bessette, joined by nearly 200 of their family and friends, gathered to celebrate the life of their son, Charlie. That day they memorialized the beautiful, bright and giving young man that he was. Charlie died when he was 24 years old.

Charlie was adopted as an infant, diagnosed with ADHD and later, with an underlying mood disorder. He also had and with a genetic pre-disposition for addiction. Alcoholic was his drug of use. At first, the alcohol soothed… but then it quickly overwhelmed him. Fred and Judi sought treatment for their son throughout his life. He spent many days and nights on the trail at New Vision Wilderness North Woods exploring, working his insight with his treatment, and healing. Charlie was a beloved son, a friend, a talented musician, a gentle inspirer, and animal lover.   Prior to his death, Charlie was working in a therapeutic program as a mentor to other young men.

Fred and Judi, along with NVW co-founders Steve Sawyer and Drew Hornbeck initiated the CBSF in a combined effort to provide financial resources to families for one common purpose: to save the lives of adolescents and young adults through therapeutic intervention. Charlie and his treatment process made a lasting impression on Steve and Drew and was instrumental in the development of NVW’s philosophy and therapeutic model and the catalyst behind the opening of NVW’s young adult program on the West Coast.

The CBSF is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization formed in April 2013 to provide financial assistance to NVW’s enrolled clients and families for the continuation of NVW services. The efforts of the CBSF are entirely volunteer based and the fund operates separately and independently from NVW.


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Or to make a donation by credit card, contact Amy Drasch: or 262-354-0622