Administrative Team

The Administrative Team is the backbone of the company. These team members work behind the scenes in ensuring the program runs in an effective and organized manner. They consist of administrative, logistics, marketing professionals who execute initiatives such as human resources and outreach.

Matt Potako Logistics Coordinator

Aimée Seaborne Medication Coordinator

Harrison Hill YETI Field Specialist

Liz Prather Field Specialist

Jack Brindle Logistics Assistant

Krystin Nichols AA Logistics Assistant

Sophia Lemaitre Field Specialist

Graham Moore Academic Specialist

Paige Edwards Field Director Boys programming

Dan Kikkert, MSIOP Director of Operations

Rachel Grimm BS Program Director

Matt Potako

Position: Logistics Coordinator
Matt hails from the woody western suburbs of Philadelphia, PA where he always preferred to play outside.  He developed an early love for the ocean, growing up sailing, surfing and kiteboarding.  While studying Hydrogeology and Music Technology at Penn State, Matt fell in love with the mountains and land-based activities such as hiking, skiing and mountain biking.  Before joining New Vision in Bend, he lived in South Lake Tahoe, CA and St. George, UT, where he worked outside as a safety monitor, a wilderness field instructor, and a residential treatment staff.  Two fateful rafting trips led to him landing at New Vision, where he oversees logistical operations to “keep this well-oiled machine running smoothly.”  He loves hiking with his thrift store children’s guitar and jamming out in his free time, whether it’s on the slopes or in his garage.

Aimée Seaborne

Position: Medication Coordinator

Hailing from a small island known as the United Kingdom, Aimée has a natural affinity with the Oregon climate and weather patterns. Raised in the City of Winchester, Aimée was exposed to the joys of being outside early on with miles and miles of countryside to explore, trees to climb with family and friends.
Aimée graduated with a Bachelor of Science from The University of Lincoln, UK where she was president of the University of Lincoln Women’s Soccer (Football) Team and also a competition cheerleader!

Originally coming to the US to work at summer camp; Aimée’s love of the outdoors developed while leading adventure trips in the Adirondacks, NY. Aimée has a plethora of wilderness experience under her belt including long sections of the PCT, thru-hiking the Colorado Trail and rafting the Grand Canyon.
Aimée started work for New Vision in Bend as a field guide before stepping into the role of Medications Coordinator in August 2018. Aimée spends her spare time planning and executing long distance hikes, doing yoga, reading, cooking and relaxing with a cup of Yorkshire Tea after a day of adventures with her partner and dog.

Harrison Hill

Position: YETI Field Specialist

As a young lad from the South-Eastern part of the country, Harrison grew up walking, trekking and hiking around the hilltops of beautiful Tennessee. His love for the outdoors soon led him to become a playful staff at a summer camp that he once went to. Bringing his talents to the opposite side of the country, he decided to step into this work to help aid in healing in the woods. He believes in the power of nature and disconnecting from everyday technology to reconnect with the true self. Harrison is an avid yogi and quote lover, so when not in the woods, you can catch him reading and tromping around Central Oregon.

Liz Prather

Position: Field Specialist

Liz grew up camping, biking and hiking in Wisconsin. After a few family trips out west involving camping and hiking, Liz fell in love with the outdoors and knew that she wanted to end up in the mountains. After finishing her Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Policy with minors in Public Administration and Political Science from UW-Green Bay, Liz spent a summer in on Washington Island as an Environmental Education intern at a butterfly house. Liz became an AmeriCorps VISTA the following winter and moved out to Billings, Montana to start a community garden in a food desert. She spent weekends exploring the Beartooth Mountains and fell in love with Montana. At the end of her VISTA term, she moved to Northwest Montana to work as a Field Crew Leader with Montana Conservation Corps right outside of Glacier National Park. She co-led a crew of five adult crew members in building and maintaining trails and structures throughout the Flathead National Forest, Glacier National Park, and the Kootenai National Forest for ten months. The following summer, Liz led a Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) crew through the conservation corps up in Eureka, Montana with local teens. Liz learned to love working with youth through her time as a YCC leader. Liz joined the Peace Corps as a Youth Development Volunteer in Morocco where she taught yoga, English and Life Skills to Moroccan Youth. When Liz moved back from Morocco, she knew she wanted to get into Wilderness Therapy and started searching for Wilderness Therapy Guide jobs and found New Vision.

Jack Brindle

Position: Logistics Assistant

Growing up in the PNW, I’ve always held a special connection with the natural world and have continuously strived to find my place in it. One thing I’ve learned about myself through the years is my love of sharing experiences and skills and connecting people with the serenity of the forests. After discovering wilderness therapy, I worked as a guide in Utah for 4 years, followed by another year at NVW. More recently, I’ve been able to support all the guides and students in the field through my role in logistics.

Krystin Nichols AA

Position: Logistics Assistant

Krystin Nichols is the Logistics Specialist at New Vision Wilderness Deschutes in Bend, Oregon. Her primary focus is to create a safe healing environment for clients, provide flexible support for coworkers, and work within a team.

Krystin is a Bend native who started at New Vision Wilderness Deschutes as a Field Instructor in June of 2015. In June of 2017, she transitioned into her current role in logistics. Since then, she has created and maintained a high level of organization to fulfill all client needs.

Krystin is dedicated to the NVW mission of creating joy and healing generations. She offers exceptional patience and support to everyone she meets. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening and crochet

Sophia Lemaitre

Position: Field Specialist

Whether she’s sitting on the porch of a small chalet overlooking the Swiss Alps, laying on a frozen lake in northern Wisconsin looking at the stars, snowboarding in Germany, or biking along Lake Michigan, Sophia is happiest when she gets to spend time outdoors with other people.

Before starting with New Vision, Sophia spent six years traveling the world and studying social work at a German university nestled in the Black Forest. During this time, Sophia focused on how physical activity can be used to facilitate growth and change. Sophia has worked with at-risk populations in Germany, Iraq, and Wisconsin, combining her training as a social worker with her love for people and the outdoors.

Whenever she’s not at work, you can catch Sophia getting coffee with friends, traveling, reading a good book, taking her dogs for a walk, or planning her next adventure.

Graham Moore

Position: Academic Specialist

Born and raised in the shadow of Denali, then growing up in the Olympic and Cascade mountains surrounding the Salish Sea, Graham has been exploring the wild peaks and coasts of the Pacific Northwest for almost two decades. Graham graduated from the Evergreen State College, with a BA in literature and history, and volunteered as a climbing instructor and trip leader for the Mountaineers. Recently relocating to Bend brought Graham the opportunity to help a new generation of kids seek growth and healing in the wilderness, and to explore the timeless beauty of the High Desert. After guiding at New Vision for a year, Graham moved into the role of Academic Specialist where he can continue to share his passion for both education and the outdoors.

Paige Edwards

Position: Field Director Boys programming

Paige Edwards is the Field Director at New Vision Wilderness Deschutes in Bend, Oregon. Her primary focus is to oversee onboarding, support guide development, and manage risk.

After graduating from UC Davis, Paige came to New Vision Wilderness Deschutes as a Field Instructor in May of 2016. Her inherent combination of drive and passion led her to hold several positions such as Field Specialist and Program Coordinator before ultimately settling into the Field Director role.

Paige is dedicated to the NVW mission of creating joy and healing generations. She offers enthusiasm and care to everyone she meets. In her spare time, she enjoys long climbs and long runs.

Dan Kikkert, MSIOP

Position: Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations at Deschutes Wilderness Therapy, Dan oversees the Operations Department which includes risk management, crisis response, quality control, research, accreditation, logistics, and on-site medical systems.  He consults regularly with other DWT departments to help facilitate effective organizational systems, culture, and personnel development. Dan has been working in the wilderness therapy industry since 2012. He received his BS in Physics with a Minor in Mathematics from Penn State University and his MS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Sacred Heart University. He has been a WEMT since 2014 and is passionate about the medical field. Dan spent three years as a senior guide before transitioning into program leadership and has worked in a variety of field, programming, and operations roles since then. Dan has a passion for the outdoors and outdoor sports and spends his off time cycling, skiing, rafting, and kayaking.

Rachel Grimm BS

Position: Program Director

Rachel graduated from UW Milwaukee with a degree in Community Education and a focus on therapeutic work. During college, she was also a full time athlete on the diving team. For the past five years, Rachel has worked with many children with disabilities as a line therapist for kids with autism and also as a volunteer for special education classrooms and horse therapy programs. Rachel took courses with her dog to achieve therapy dog certification. They visited nursing homes to help raise the spirits of those who need it most. Rachel is excited to be continuing her journey here at NVW; and in her free time, she enjoys fishing, horseback riding, skiing, hiking and going to the movies.