Northern Lights, NVW’s Wisconsin winter curriculum

Northern Lights, NVW’s Wisconsin winter curriculum is a modified base-camp model of wilderness clinical immersion, building interpersonal communication, core strengths development, self-discovery, and healthy leadership. Students sleep in heated cabins and expedition sites (weather dependent)and experience the incredible beauty and stillness of a winter in the north woods.

EMBRACE Relationships at the Salem Lake Cabins

NVW’s idyllic Salem Lake cabins are the perfect setting for students (along with their therapy canines) to EMBRACE their relationship development and empathy awareness. Complete with wood burning stoves, the cabins are a stone’s throw from Salem Lake where dog sledding and ice fishing activities take place. Clinical work addresses attachment difficulties, attunement, intimacy, and the 5 Love Languages.

ENGAGE in Winter Adventures at the Outpost

NVW’s inspiring Outpost cabin hosts the environmental and adventure-based components of Northern Lights. Students experience the best of both worlds at this site: solitude within the National Forest and immediate vehicle access for their safety. Students ENGAGE in skiing, canine therapy, snowshoeing, and winter camping expeditions. Therapeutic emphasis is placed on coping skills, defenses, emotional regulation, forgiveness, and rites of passage.

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