Luke Mohar, B.S.

Field Instructor

Luke works for New Vision because of his love for guiding kids into a future full of success. He finds joy in developing healthy relationships with the students at this camp and being able to entertain them with all the goofiness of his personality. Luke’s love for helping kids didn’t start with New Vision, however. Before Luke came to work at this wonderful camp, he was a staff member at several Boy Scout camps as well as special ed camps too. He worked in different positions at these camps as well as evening helping run one of them several summers ago. This desire to help also lead Luke to pursue a degree in Psychology. Luke believes his passion for others came not only from his loving family but his devotion to the Boy Scouts of America where he learned the ideals of serving others which lead him to earn his Eagle Scout rank. While Luke isn’t living in the woods trying to help and guide the students he is with, Luke can be found spending time with his family or friends in numerous cities throughout Wisconsin. He loves to play Dungeons and Dragons in his free time or talk about all the Marvel movies he has seen. On top of being a huge nerd, Luke loves to be outside as much as possible and spends each day going on hikes or working out. He also tries to get on a couple of camping trips with friends and family every year.

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