Levi Sofen

Position: Clinical Support Specialist

Levi was born in Santa Cruz, CA. Growing up in California, he hiked, climbed, mountain biked, and surfed, creating a love for wild places. Levi then attended University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA where he earned a bachelors degree in psychology and neuroscience. Throughout his time in Washington, Levi continued to foster his love for the outdoors. During summers he worked as a backpacking guide in Northern California.

Levi has a strong drive to care for others. In spring of 2019, he took a wilderness medicine course where he became a certified Wilderness EMT. He is interested in both continuing medical training as well as pursuing a graduate degree in clinical psychology or neuroscience. Levi became a guide at New Vision because of the opportunity to share the healing power of the wilderness and to use his skills and experience to help students and families in need. In his free time, Levi engages in hiking, climbing, mountaineering, skiing, cooking, and dancing as well as practicing yoga and meditation.