Kailey Finch

Kailey Finch, B.A.

Field Mentor

Kailey is a wilderness field Mentor who comes from Marquette, Michigan. Kailey is passionate about mental health and wholeheartedly believes in the model and the values that New Vision Wilderness is aiming to accomplish with the youth of today. She finds purpose and joy when connecting with those in the program and being able to watch their success and growth during their time spent here.

Kailey graduated from Central Michigan University with a major in Outdoor Recreation and an Environmental Studies minor. Her experiences come from working at a YMCA camp for 6 years, starting as a cabin counselor and rising up to spend her final year as the Adventure Director, ass well as working in Colorado State Parks for 2 years as a Program Interpreter and Visitor Center staff.

She has always enjoyed working with people in wilderness settings and being able to share her experiences, knowledge, and passions with those both young and old. When she isn’t found in the Northwoods, Kailey enjoys traveling and participating in different activities with friends and family such as fly fishing, backpacking, and sea kayaking along the cliffs of Pictured Rocks.

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