Jennifer Serrano, Field Instructor, B.A.

Position: Field Instructor

Jen is a field instructor here at NVW and is coming to us all the way from Oregon! She works at NVW because she feels that it helps to fulfill her life’s purpose of helping the youth of today overcome their past experiences and adversity to allow them to grow into well-adjusted and productive members of society. She enjoys watching the students grow and evolve as they discover new things about themselves. Overall she just thoroughly enjoys the connections that she is able to make with our students. Before Jen joined us here at NVW, she was primarily in the medical field, working for an ENT practice starting as an entry-level medical assistant and eventually becoming the Head of the Allergy Department for the entire practice! When Jen isn’t working with our students, you can still find her outside as hiking and backpacking are her passions, she has spent a great amount of time in both the swampy lands of the Florida backcountry, all the way to the high peaks of the Oregon Cascade Mountains.