Eric Simon

Eric Simon, B.A.

Field Mentor

Eric works at NVW because he is passionate about empathy and the outdoors. Nothing excites him more than
transparent, authentic, and compassionate communication—and all of that while living in the forest! Eric finds
purpose and meaning in supporting others in their healing journey and always sees the best in every person. He
revels in those moments when a student moves through difficult emotions to find greater clarity and acceptance of
themselves. Quick to be quirky and play, he acknowledges that hard work can also be done with a smile.
Eric graduated in 2013 from UW-Milwaukee with a BS in Conservation and Environmental Science. Since then, he
has worked with such groups as the Urban Ecology Center, 4-H, Freedom Project Washington, Center for
Nonviolent Communication, Facing Homelessness, Foundation for Intentional Communities, and public-school
districts. He has extensive training in Nonviolent Communication and Trauma-informed facilitation. Always one for
a walk in any weather, Eric has hiked and backpacked around the U.S.A. and Europe. With a vast knowledge of
plants and fungi, you can often find Eric poking around behind bushes and under logs, always on his quest to learn
and connect with the natural world. Eric has immense gratitude for everyone and everything that has supported
his life journey, and he is excited to leverage his experience and skills to contribute to your path of healing!

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