New Vision Wilderness recognizes that each client has a path, and the road to getting there can not be reached by a cookie cutter approach. NVWs Mastery System helps individuals become a master of whatever they choose, and our therapeutic job is to assist in getting the blocks out of the way whether they are emotional, or historical. We foster independence through empowerment, knowledge and personal growth.

One of the most unique features of NVWs treatment program is our Mastery System. The Mastery System is a model that fosters the relational model with our wilderness instructors and our clients as they form an alliance during the process.  This system does not rely upon clients earning levels, points, or other authoritarian structured perspective. The Mastery System encourages individualized treatment and attention for clients.

Mastery Project – Young Adult Client – Songwriting


When the client reaches stability we discuss a Mastery Track which includes a strengths assessment of the client. We harness each individuals gifts and interest. Some examples are

mastery skills reflect our clients desire to learn and grow while in the program and we uncover and discover a whole new side to most clients at New Vision Wilderness Therapy.-Master of survival skills
-Master of artistic ability
-Master of creative writing or art
-Master of somatic skills
Some Mastery is more common and some more unique. The possibilities are boundless…
-Master of sign language
-Master of hot sauce
-Master of a musical instrument
-Master of Ornithology

A Mastery Plan is prepared and our team and aligns with the client to help them achieve incredible levels of skill. The client and the entire group witnesses the individuals growth as a unique and gifted human being with purpose. This model creates an incredible sense of strength and leads to a deepened respectful relationship with an adult authority figure.

West Coast (Bend, OR) – Young Adult Mastery System

New Vision Wilderness encourages growth through a process of therapeutic immersion, increased knowledge, and targeted action. In addition to immersion in the field, every other day is a 3-part mastery day which includes pursuing therapeutic growth, occupational development, and knowledge/expertise. This mastery track is unique to our young adult programming.

Intensive Therapeutic Growth:
We believe in clinical immersion and intensity. We offer therapeutic work available at an unparalleled intensity of 3 one-on-one sessions per week. After each therapeutic session, assignments are given by the therapist, that are designed to create insight and growth. We believe in fully Individualized work and do not rely on one specific model or curriculum. This allows us the ability to adjust the therapeutic work directly to the needs of the client in every session. This therapeutic immersion is paired with advanced modern therapeutic methods.

Occupational/ Career Development:New Vision Wilderness Therapy incorporate a mastery system into wilderness immersion therapy
In our young adult program, we know how crucial issues like employment, education, and future goals are. We utilize the wilderness as an undistracted timeframe for employment development. This includes at least an 1-2 hours of work on employment development every other day. This employment development time involves: online job search, resume development, volunteer experiences, collegiate applications and development, online digital application completion, interview skills development and mock interviews. By the time students leave NVW they have a strong sense of direction. Graduates are fueled by a new vision of themselves, their capabilities, life skills and a planned future.

Pursuit of Knowledge and Expertise:
Our Mastery System has produced amazing results with clients. Mastery is a three part process of Exploration, Insight and Legend. Each individual creates their own investigative track, working closely with their field guides who fully engage in the journey with them. Once established, individuals are provided everything necessary to gain the knowledge/expertise they desire. As part of the learning experience, clients also prepare to teach others in the group about their area of expertise. Once the individual teaches, they create their Legend, a lasting impact for future NVW students behind them. For many, this Mastery program experience ends in a pinnacle experience involving immersion in the mastery itself. Mastery Projects are wide-ranging, individualize areas of focus such as artistic expression, music, primitive survival skills, cultural investigation, scientific examination, business development and even spiritual search.

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