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Wisconsin – "North Woods"

Oregon – "West Coast"

Although New Vision Wilderness is primarily a nomadic wilderness program with clients following a rest-day/move-day schedule; clients may stay at various facilities within each of our program locations from time to time. All facilities are designed to support our outdoor wilderness immersion therapy experince for our clients, as well as ensure their overall safety.

The Lodge

New Vision Wilderness North Woods The Lodge

We renovated and re-opened a facility in fall 2011. "The Lodge" sits on a beautiful 40-acre property with a private lake. Adjacent to the Chequamegon National Forest, The Lodge is the perfect location to support programming and our client needs. The North Woods location includes staff offices, program support/logistics facilities, and a comfortable & rustic Great Room for Family Therapy and completion ceremonies!

The Outpost

New Vision Wilderness Wisconsin The Outpost

Adjacent to the National Forest, "The Outpost" is a rustic cabin outfitted with bunks and a wood-burning stove for safety during inclement weather.

Salem Lake Campsite

New Vision Wilderness Salem Canoe Shelter

NVW has a small canoeing base camp located in the middle of our operating area. Salem Lake is a beautiful setting, on a small isolated lake. Salem Lake is used for canoe training, family programming, and for overnight stays before and after group transitions to Adventure Education side trips. 


Bear Creek

New Vision Wilderness West Coast Bear Creek Office

New Vision West operates out of the "Bear Creek" facilities which houses our full west coast, Bend based operations. The Bear Creek office is located in the heart of Central Oregon and acts as both a base camp, staging area and office to our West Coast based field team, clinicians and administrative staff.

The L.O.F.T.

Life Opportunities Forging Transformation

The "L.O.F.T." or Life Opportunities For Transformations program is a transitional young adult program based out of the "Beak Creek" facilities.This process involves the reintegration of our adult clients into a private and secure location The L.O.F.T.  at our Bend, Oregon headquarters. This location provides clients with the individually tailored tools, experiences and resources they need to prepare for their next step of adult life. More information on the L.O.F.T. program here.

Deschutes National Forest

New Vision Wilderness West Coast Operating Area

Programming in the incredible Deschutes National Forest, New Vision West has a true four season paradise. Comprised of 1.8 million acres of rivers, mountains, grassland and forest, the Deschutes allows New Vision West to operate a variety of programs to support our client's needs.


New Vision Wilderness Wisconsin Lodge

New Vision Wilderness Wisconsin OutpostNew Vision Wilderness West Coast Field Area


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