Revising The Student-Teacher Dynamic

While adjusting to life without technology and other distractions, many students are surprised to meet me as their teacher. With either clinched fists or shrugged shoulders, students ask, “I have to do school work?” Although wilderness therapy provides time away from life as most teenagers know it, New Vision Wilderness (NVW) understands that education must … Continued

Family Therapy Services

The core purpose at New Vision Wilderness (NVW as stated in our mission statement, is to “Heal children and unite families.”  In order to accomplish this important goal in the wilderness setting, NVW focuses on the entire family unit. I often think of a family in dysfunction as a broken clock. If all of the … Continued

Substance Abuse

By Jacob Thomason, Lead Therapist NVW North Woods While in the field this week I had a familiar conversation with a teen in my group.  It started with him telling me that he has changed and now believes marijuana is bad for him.  When I first started this work I would have taken the bait … Continued

What an Educational Winter!

Winter here in the Cascade Mountains is always a magical time, but it was a wild start to the season this year in Oregon! New Vision Wilderness (NVW) saw foot upon foot of snow pile up in our beautiful field area and our clients learned new ways to coexist with extreme weather. Each day, they … Continued

Dog Sledding at NVW

For the past two winters New Vision Wilderness has been working with Richard Baum and Anna Threlfall to bring dog sledding to our clients in Wisconsin. Richard and Anna started dog sledding when their children were younger – what started as simply attending a race evolved into getting their own dog for skijoring (a skier … Continued

NVW Obtains Accreditation by Association of Experiential Education (AEE).

New Vision Wilderness (NVW) West Coast is pleased to announce that they have been granted accreditation by the Association for Experiential Education (AEE). After a thorough on and off-site assessment process, the AEE Accreditation Council voted unanimously to grant NVW a 3-year accreditation term. Drew Hornbeck, NVW President and Co-Founder, said, “Being accredited by AEE … Continued

Wilderness in the Wisconsin Winter

Heidi Strand, Executive Director New Vision Wilderness North Woods Every New Year I gift myself with a new 1000 piece puzzle and 4 paper white bulbs. During the third week of every January I look at the incomplete puzzle taking up space on my kitchen table and marvel at the paper white bulbs, as they … Continued

To The Wilderness Therapy Guides

  To the Wilderness Therapy Guides To the Wilderness Therapy Guides, who wake with the sun/wind/rain/snow to immerse yourselves into the wilderness of struggling youth… who teach your clients to respect the land, each other and themselves… who willingly enter the challenge and emotional darkness a client experiences so you can guide him into the … Continued

Community Integration & Adventure Education

Community Integration Our Young Adults have the opportunity to participate in Community Integration, which is designed to help clients with their future transitions. In the field we teach a skill based curriculum built upon interviewing techniques, resume workshops, wellness plans, and self care assessments. These concepts are reinforced by participating in activities in town. Every … Continued

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