Mastery: Building a Safe Therapeutic Alliance in Wilderness

A key aspect of successful therapy is the relationship between the client and therapist.  Within that relationship trust and safety are essential.  In a wilderness setting that trust and safety is established with the therapist as well as the field staff.   According to Ryan Ebersberger, Lead Field Therapist at New Vision Wilderness-Asheville, the use of New Vision’s … Continued

Introducing Ryan Ebersberger, MSW Field Therapist at NVW – Asheville

We are elated to have Ryan Ebersberger, MSW join our team as a Field Therapist at New Vision Wilderness – Asheville. Ryan energetically stepped into the role with an excitement to be back to his roots working in Wilderness Therapy. Ryan’s path to wilderness started in 2005, by working with adolescents and young adults while pursuing his … Continued

Wilderness Success Stories: A Conversation with Max

Max enrolled at our New Visions Wilderness Bend location in the spring/summer of 2014. He took a moment to chat with us about his time in wilderness therapy and a snapshot of what his life looks like today. Tell me a little about your journey that led you to New Vision Wilderness Therapy? I had … Continued

Young Adults in the Wilderness

Cultivating Compassion to Create Greater Connection Written by Liz Deardorff, LCSW Our world has never been more connected. We connect with each other via our phones, social media, instant messaging, facetime – whenever we want, wherever we want. Yet depression and anxiety continue to rise, and our world’s young adult population (18-27) can experience loneliness, … Continued

Introducing NVW – Asheville’s Interim Clinical Director Liz Deardorff

New Vision Wilderness – Asheville is pleased to announce Liz Deardorff as our Interim Clinical Director.  Liz is NVW’s most senior clinical team member and is excited to take on the Interim Clinical Director position for our Asheville program. Along with ensuring that Asheville’s clinical model is aligned with the Calo Programs clinical model, Liz … Continued

Northern Lights, NVW’s Wisconsin winter curriculum

Northern Lights, NVW’s Wisconsin winter curriculum is a modified base-camp model of wilderness clinical immersion, building interpersonal communication, core strengths development, self-discovery, and healthy leadership. Students sleep in heated cabins and expedition sites (weather dependent)and experience the incredible beauty and stillness of a winter in the north woods. EMBRACE Relationships at the Salem Lake Cabins … Continued

New Vision Wilderness Women of the Wild

Working with female students in a therapeutic wilderness setting is something that New Vision Wilderness (NVW) has prided itself in doing since 2007. With programs in both Wisconsin and Bend, OR, NVW runs multiple teenage girls’ groups at all times. Ages range from 13-17 years old, and we love seeing the improved mental and physical … Continued

Canines – The Ultimate Relationship Tool

At New Vision Wilderness we have four canines working with our groups. We have three Golden Retrievers at our West Coast location and one more in our Northwood’s program. We are using our canines very strategically in teaching our clients how to work on healthy relationships with the ultimate goal being transferrable attachment. Transferable Attachment … Continued

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