The New Vision Wilderness Academy strives to support our students’ academic process by providing experiential and individualized educational curriculum. In addition to our therapeutic objectives, we offer our students individualized opportunities to receive educational credit and achieve academic growth while they are enrolled with us.

At New Vision Wilderness Therapy we concentrate on an academic program in conjunction with immersion therapy to help our clients to continue their formal education.

Upon arrival at New Vision Wilderness, students are automatically enrolled into our Academy. We understand the importance of academic success, which is why we are registered through the states we operate in as a private school. Our core curriculum is inquiry based, progressive in nature, and student directed. Courses available are English Language Arts, Health, Physical Education, and Environmental Science.

Our curriculum is delivered experientially by being built into our daily programming and structure and delivered through individualized course work. Our staff and academic team are available to help answer questions and tutor our students if additional support is needed. The selection of each course is based on individual credit requirements and your child’s academic needs, which are assessed by our academic and clinical teams when they enter our program. Official transcripts, course descriptions, and a possibility for community service hours will be provided after your child’s graduation.

Academic Areas

  • Environmental Science
  • Leadership Training
  • Physical Education
  • Reading
  • Language Arts
  • Communication
  • Life Skills
  • Art
  • Mastery

“At New Vision I built deep relationships, which Ive never had in my life. I was able to share life changing experiences; I never knew what it felt like to have such support. It feels good to look deeper and have realizations, before moving forward and growing.”  -P. (client,age 16)

How To Contact New Vision

To speak to a team member, please fill out the CONFIDENTIAL form below. A team member will contact you within 24 hours.